The subconscious mind is the key to abundance and exploration of the possibilities in life. Filling the subconscious with the right attention and programming it for abundance is necessary for growth and reality changing experiences.

15 MINUTE MANIFESTATION is a tool to help program your reality with a never-ending flow of intriguing design thoughts to keep you alive with the natural God or Goddess given transformation blueprint.

This program doesn’t mention the creator, it just promotes what you do to influence your life and your surroundings. I believe it has a lot to do with a relationship with the creator that created you as well.

An eternal intention about every aspect of creation is always going to play a role in the outcome of your actions. If you believe in a creator or not, the answers will always be given to you as to ease the suffering of the world and all it’s stress related actions.

Remember this is a system that revolves around love and it’s impact on what has been created. If you do everything for money and forget about the world’s necessities you are going to end up in a place revolving around fantasy and not reality. Take care of the world with your actions and the natural energy force will reward you with more abundance.