Self-Healing has always been apart of my life. I really don’t trust putting my life and it’s growth in the hands of someone who hasn’t lived my life and experienced what I’ve experienced.

With the proper information like what plants do what and what a handheld massager can do for you, you’ll discover by communicating with your body you can catch and deliver treatment to effected areas being able to get away from surgery and skin affecting scars.

If I had to I’d see a doctor but I believe the most worthwhile and rewarding experiences comes from self-healing from maintenance and mind-body connections.

It’s up to you to determine what to put in your body because you’re the one putting in and ingesting whatever it is you ingest. How much of and of what, is what you need to connect with in this life because the outcome of your actions could cause you to evolve or die.

THE LOST BOOK OF REMEDIES is a compilation of healing practices to keep you from getting sick and treating illnesses before having to see a Dr.

Really what it comes down to is putting the right ingredients into your body at the right times, walking to circulate it through your system and massaging away fat and creating the right lube for your joints.

With a supply of ingredients and the use of MAGNETS and exercise equipment, you can stay for a very long time and discover how in tune you are to creation and what your path has in store.

Everyone has the MAGIC within them and was given to them from creation. It’s just some people have put all their faith, belief and focus on the true energy and it’s paying them back. Books are for education and to give a point of view. Not all books are right, it’s up to you to communicate, get in touch with creation and discover your true path.

This is an education driven creation for mind-blowing results and overcoming adversity to help you achieve with ease the goals you pursue. To meet in our life-time creators who push the bonds of reality and create planets, mammals and creatures that inhabit every area of this earth. It all starts with ingredients, a path and an outcome in the right environment for success. Learning from, exploring, and adding to the book that is everything from the “beginning” with everything in it’s natural place and evolution within creation to where it ended up to this very moment.

I guess it all starts with you and whether you believe that creation has it in for you or the environment is helping you to succeed with exquisite timing and options for overcoming your adversity. Don’t Give Up!

Everything takes effort, every ingredient and every location has it’s place for your success. If you let your goals take over you, the energy that created existence will create your existence and put a magical spin on your life for forever.