Hey there the Dr. Is in the house, take 1 part MAGNETS,  3 parts MAXI HEALTH CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM D3, 2 PARTS RESCUE STRESS COMPLEX and 3 TABLESPOONS OF HEMP PRO 70. Mix with 2 cups of Reverse Osmosis water and you got yourself a therapeutic way to stay alive!

Now if you really want to get Fat-Burner interesting then you’d take 3 parts HEALTHY ORIGINS HPF CHOLESTENE RED YEAST RICE, 3 parts HEALTHY N FIT NATURES STEROLS and 6 tablespoons HEALTHY N FIT 100% EGG PROTEIN-STRAWBERRY and 3 cups of Reverse Osmosis water with lime in it, preferably carbonated.

Do these 2 therapeutic treatments with a little bit of exercise and you’ll be fit and trim and in good shape. Also don’t forget to use a hand-held massager to vibrate the unwanted excess weight if you have, it will break down the fat especially when adding heat. Or another way to get rid of fat is to shrink with an ice bath.

If I can say anything though I’d say use the MAGNETS, HEMP PRO 70, AND THE CALCIUM MAGNESIUM D3. Religiously!